Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Importance of Dad in the Homeschool

When you homeschool, sometimes it is really hard to resist the public school day comparison.  Even though I realize that not only are my children thriving but the entire reason we choose this way of life is to give them something different.  So, Mr. Butler (aka Daddy) is one of the ways we're making this homeschool thing work.  By nature, this guy is artistic, mechanical and creative (he's an engineer after all!) and with everything that is on my plate, it is easy for my energy to be empty when it comes to the major activities portion of the day.  All I have to do is ask and suddenly after dinner they are busy building tepees. 

I helped in between baby tending and kitchen cleaning, but the creative director was all Mr. Butler.  Both kids made their own little camp and were very proud of them. 

So, of course they couldn't stop there.  They combined their creations to make a little village, complete with planes, frogs, and Eeyore.

He also usually reads to the kids at bedtime and if there is anything I want him to read - from textbook to instruction manuals - he'll fit it in too.  Now that the little race car is almost 6 months old, I really feel compelled to have our new normal figured out.  Since I really don't (have it all figured out), I'm so thankful that Mr. Butler fills in the gaps with his strengths.  

With a baby in tow, a part-time job and no children over the age of 6, there is only so much finite control I can have over any given school day.  So praise the Lord for Daddy!

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