Thursday, January 7, 2021 A Homeschool PreK-12 Curriculum Review

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So, here we are.  Diving into 2021, ready or not.  When it comes to lesson planning and curriculum, things don't always work out the way we plan.  And clearly, our plans for 2020 in general didn't exactly pan out, right? Sometimes there are gaps we don't anticipate.  Other times a good idea completely fails due to learning differences.  If you're in need of options and alternatives, then keep reading for my review of Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership from Logo

Review Product:

This membership provides complete access to their entire digital curriculum offerings and resources for all grades.  

Who Is This Product For?

Any family with access to a computer and printer can find useful content for home education.  It is especially great for families with multiple children.

How Works:

With the Annual Membership, parents can build an education for multiple children however they see fit.  There are multiple ways to search - by grade, by subject or simply browse collections.   One of their latest additions is boxed curriculum for every grade level, which provides a complete program for an entire grade level complete with lesson plans, electives and a host of optional further research suggestions. They also offer planning tools, a robust video library, access to World Book online encyclopedia, a members forum, and a seasonal content corner. is the ultimate buffet of educational content while also letting the cook choose your meal if you would like!

My Family's Experience:

I have been working with for 4-5 years, as long as I have been associated with the Homeschool Review Crew, and it has been amazing to see the continual growth and expansion of what they make available to their members.  Since the landscape of our homeschool regularly shifts with review products, is a constant backup and resource library.  When I need copywork pages or some math facts help, I can dig up something pretty quickly.  If there is a subject we've overlooked, I can find something to fill that gap easily.  For this review, we took a look at their new boxed curriculum for 4th grade for my oldest. While I didn't need an entire curriculum, especially over a holiday break, trying out a 4th grade Health curriculum worked well.  

If you're a regular reader, you know healthy living and how we care for our bodies is a big priority in my family.  Health principles are kind of ingrained in our daily life anyway so it hasn't necessarily been on my radar to include it in curriculum.  That being said, I LOVE the approach this class takes by infusing scripture into every lesson.  One of the main reasons I healthy living is important to me is because God has given us an amazing earth that is full of solutions for staying healthy if we'll just look for them.  So why wouldn't you teach health on the basis of scripture first?

Each class comes with a curriculum guide that shows you what to expect and plan for by the week.  In this class the authors incorporated reading from other courses as well with links provided and pdfs available.  For the well prepared parent, you have the ability to print out all elements from day one.  But as for those of us who might forget something or lose other things, you can always come back for more or have the option to save contents to your device.

In addition to building the content on religious principles, I loved the incorporation of World Book resources, including games like the one pictured below.  Digital (printable) content can sometimes feel a little boring to this ADHD brain of mine - even though the subject matter may not be - but with a variety of elements (like World Book, videos, etc.) the learning experience is good for all kinds of learners!  

As usual, continues to surpass expectations in making home education easy, rich and full of possibilities!  If you're in the market for alternatives and options, consider trying with your family.

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