Our Herb Habit

I doubt it's news to you that herbs are a regular part of our lifestyle.  They're so versatile and nourishing that my kids have used them almost since birth.  I'm a true believer in their effectiveness when handled appropriately and am so grateful that herbs have always been an option for me. 

That being said, it is not cheap to get quality supplements that you can trust.  And some argue that it doesn't really matter where you get your herbs and all that.  This is why I think it matters to some extent and why Nature's Sunshine Products are your best bet. 

As my family grows, the quantity of herb consumption has a tendency to go up!  My poor herb budget has been in fits and it's time I did something about it.  So, in order to support my herb habit, I'd like to share with you my win-win solution! 

For every amount of product I buy from NSP, I get a % of it back.  Similar to other direct-selling companies, if I sponsor you to become a member, whatever you order, I get a percentage of it as well.  Everyone has that same opportunity as a member.  No requirements on your membership, just specifications if you want to increase your rebate.  If you have any interest or curiosity about herbs or NSP, just ask.  If you'd like to explore on your own and decide to become a member, my member # is 223787  (this would be your sponsor number).  If you would like to try some products (they sell over 500 products, including pure essential oils) but don't want to pay shipping for just a few things, I order twice a month and would be happy to order something for you (as long as you're local).

My herb babies growing up!

My little herb baby
My big herb baby!

I completely understand (and respect) that not everyone goes this route, but for me, I am so grateful for the wealth of options it provides, especially for my kids!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time. 

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