About Us

No, I'm not THAT Amy Butler (who sews and does a host of other things), but I'm glad you stopped by to give us a read.  I hope you find something here you can relate to or ideas that can be helpful to you.  Mr. Butler and I's interests and experiences combined are all over the place, but writing is the place where it all comes together.  Our society's tendency towards extremes is proving daily that it does not work.  Balance, on the other hand, with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, is where we will come to terms with troubles, where growth will happen and life begins. 

I'm sure we won't always agree, but we  strive for that spirit AND truth kind of moderation.
Amy received her bachelor's degree from the University of Oklahoma in Musical Arts, specializing in Vocal Music Education.  She went on to receive her master's degree from the University of Oklahoma in Instructional Leadership & Academic Curriculum, specializing in English Education, with a master's thesis focusing on Autobiographical Writing and its role in educators' lives.  She is currently teaching piano part-time, writing reviews for the Homeschool Review Crew, homeschooling J. Z & the Race Car full time and trying to walk in the Light a little more than before.

Randy received his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and his MBA from the University of Oklahoma.  He is very invested in spending quality time with his family, but also working hard in hopes of retiring early to continue that quality time when they are older.  Woodwork, finances, Miatas, coaching YMCA soccer and t-ball are some of his favorite areas of life.

In 2006 they married and started the life-long process of learning what love and respect really looks like.   In 2010, Jude was born and changed life forever, adding to the abounding lessons God was waiting to teach them and multiplying the joys of their life.  In 2013, Zoey was born and stretched our hearts even bigger with her absolute peace and joy.  In Spring of 2017 Rory fast and furiously completed our family with his insistence at doing life his own way, forever carving out the spot of baby of the family!

As members of the Whispering Pines Church of Christ in Newcastle, OK and Christians for several years, the Butlers are focusing on what it means to be disciples of Christ and reflecting His leadership in our community.  Randy, Amy, Jude, Zoey and Rory live in Tuttle, OK with dog, Lizzie.

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