Sunday, October 1, 2017

October Reset 2017

Like gutters or plumbing, life gets backed up from time to time.  We get busy.  The unexpected happens - times three.  Things get neglected.  Sometimes it is justified.  Sometimes it is embarrassing.  At some point you get fed up and the gumption to do something about it grows big enough.  As you know, this year has really done a number on me in this area and I'm ready to break away from the build-up.  October is so refreshing - in color, in activity, in sunsets, in weather (usually) - that you just get itching to hit the reset button somehow.  I've been getting stuck in a lot of emotional frustrations and really needing to start over.

So to that end, I declare October my reset month.  My posts will highlight several key areas that I'm working on resetting this month like my marriage, my friendships, my role as a parent, and my soul and relationship with God. 

Tonight we went on a walk and ended up at the pond right as the sun was going down.  I really wanted to start this month and reset off right so I asked everyone to share something they were happy about/thankful for and then something they wanted to get better at/work on this month.  Watching a fish here and there send ripples through the water, feeling the breeze through the trees, and listening to my little family be happy for things like the pond, smart  and healthy kids, walks, and as J put it "the WHOLE world", I suddenly felt the strength to let go.  Let go of shock and terror that we felt in the hospital with Rory.  Let go of some of the grief we had at losing our Grace too soon.  Let go of just the sluggish ruts of this new direction our life had taken with three kids.  October 1st was has officially started this reset and it couldn't have felt better.

I still came back to dirty kitchen, two baskets of laundry, lesson plans, bedtime routines and a baby that may or may not stay asleep tonight, but I had a better attitude.  And that's a start!

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