Wednesday, August 15, 2012

3 Tips for Starting Back to School

August.  For many, this month symbolizes the end of summer and the beginning of another school year.  Yep, life is about to get busy.  Deadlines, projects, extra practice, schedules.  Go, go, go.  Do, do, do.   As I mentioned last time, Mr. Butler is going back to school too.  So, as we all take a collective big breath and steady ourself for the coming onslaught, let's try not to forget a couple of things.

1) I Love You.  Don't forget to let everybody know how you feel about them regularly! We get busy, we get stressed.  And some days all we really need is a reminder that we are loved and special to someone.

2) Balance.  If you're a workaholic, take time to play.  If you're always procrastinating, work FIRST.  As best you can, make a little time for everything.  Work, Play, Rest, Love, Repeat!

3) Mercy.  You just can't imagine what some people are bearing in their lives.  Try to look at the world around you with mercy first.

A little work, a little play, always makes a good day!

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