Monday, August 6, 2012

Adventures in Frisbee Golf

I've never played sports to speak of.  Because, well, I am clumsy.  I drop things.  I lose things.  I break things.  It's not clear whether or not the lack of sport playing as a child caused this, but it's certainly why I haven't pursued sports.  That and I don't like looking stupid.  Either way, I'm embarking on an adventure like none I've ever experienced before.  I'm learning a new sport willingly and have intentions of continuing it long term.  Perhaps this is of little value to you, but in looking at my track record (of quitting long before I've even started) I'm already impressed with myself!

Here's the deal: my husband - who is a very brainy, task-oriented, planner for our family's future - is returning to college this week to begin an MBA (Master's in Business & Administration) program.  I'm extremely grateful for his willingness to work and the sacrifices he's willing to make to ensure us an increasingly secure future!  Really, I am.  On the other hand it's been rather terrifying to give up 2 nights a week with him, plus time for homework, projects and group meetings.  Like panic attack terrifying.  But I'm dealing with it. :)

So, Frisbee Golf (Disc Golf in the professional world) has been a favorite untried sport of Mr. Butler for a while now and, in response to my fear of lost 'family time', we decided to make it a regular family activity.  

Why Frisbee Golf?  
-Courses Abound! There are courses all over the metro in our beautiful parks!
-Free! To play a round, even 18 holes, is absolutely free! You bring your own discs, so that has to be purchased, but a good set looks to be about $30.  A far cry from the hundreds of dollars spent on golf clubs, accessories and green fees!
-Exercise! Just walking the entire course is good exercise and often you'll find courses with some challenging terrain that increases your workout!
-Easy! Throwing a frisbee isn't terribly hard.  Perfecting the sport is no walk in the park (ha!) but anyone can play this and enjoy themselves (even if they stink!)
-Quality Time! Much like golf, it provides a great opportunity to talk and spend time with those you're playing with in a relaxed, natural environment.

 The first two times we went were definitely learning experiences but such a good things for all of us! I'll keep you posted on how things go.  Anybody want to join us sometime? We'd like to use this to enhance our own family, but use it to spend time with others too!

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