Friday, February 26, 2010

So, How'd It Go?

Well, it's Friday and aren't we all glad?  Even if you express no complaints about the past week, Friday still has a freeing feeling, doesn't it?  A change of pace at least! One of the hardest things for me sometimes is to stop, be still, and contemplate the past week (month, year, project) and then come up with improvements, lessons learned, etc.  So, I'm going to use Fridays as the time to do that and maybe it will help you as well.

Things that went well this week:
-I ate clean all week and fully recovered from the vacation diet.
-Jumped back into piano playing with a bang!  Sight-reading is improving!!
-Started a new exercise routine.

Things that need improvement next week:
-Walking hasn't happened much because of the cold.  Need to recommit next week, especially b/c it will be warmer.
-Didn't make lists or stick to ones I did make for my days. With a lot of stuff coming up, I definitely need to be more organized.
-Dogs need more structure and play.  I wasn't feeling well and they are the first to feel it.
-Didn't journal the way I needed.  Committing to a time and/or # of pages would be helpful.

I'm learning (slowly) that real growth happens in small yet pivotal moments like this where we see problems and, instead of giving up completely,  make adjustments and try it again.  It probably sounds like a DUH! moment to you, but this is where I always gave up and tried to head out in a different direction.

Because it's Friday and because I would love to be doing this one day many years from now, here is something to put a smile on your face!

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