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Master Kitz The Starry Night: A Review


One of the biggest things my years in education has taught me is that with a desire to learn, anyone can learn anything.  Art is one of those subjects that can often get cast aside by people who didn't naturally love it or somehow got the idea that they "aren't good at it."  We do so much disservice when we eliminate a subject because we aren't naturally talented at it.  There is just as much (and sometimes more) educational and developmental value to artistic pursuits as math or science. It seems to me that we just need more opportunity to develop artistic skills.  My kids are all expected to sing, read music, learn instruments, and draw/paint regularly - not because I knew from the womb they would be gifted at it, but I know that with repetition their educational development will be enhanced and they will obtain some kind of proficiency in those skills.  Like learning to use a knife or greeting people, I believe equipping our kids with all kinds of knowledge (not just the kind they are naturally gifted at) is a vital part of education.  Today we're reviewing an art kit from that helps students create projects that resemble the masters and teaches important elements about that artist.   Master Kitz The Starry Night, available on Amazon and on their website here, equips students to create their own version of Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting.

In our kit we received 2 pieces of sturdy paper, 1 stencil, 1 page of stickers, 3 bottles of paint, 1 sponge roller, 1 patterned roller, 4 oil pastels, 1 page of instructions and 1 booklet of information on Vincent Van Gogh.
This photo was after we had used it so the paper is missing.

Since there were two pieces of paper, we planned from the start for J (almost 8) and miss Z (5) to each make one.  One of the first things I would note is that the stencil comes rolled up in the box.  When we set out to paint, I hadn't thought about that and the stencil was very difficult to keep flat.  We ended up having to tape it, but it wasn't ideal.  In the future, I would recommend flattening it out with a heavy book on top of it to make it more usable.

The second challenge was using the stickers the second time.  They did not come off of J's page very easily (some of them ripped) and then didn't stick to miss Z's very well. However, they were essentially just circle stickers of varying sizes that could be bought in any office or craft department. 

Other than that, the instructions were clear and the rest of the elements were easy to use.  After being introduced to this process, it can now be easily repeated with the addition of more paper and paint. 

Are you afraid of diving into art projects like this?  The kits from make it easy and guide you step by step.  If you want to take it further, you have been beautifully set up.  If you're just looking for an introduction, this fits the bill! They also have sculpting kits that look super interesting!  Check out on social media and find out what kind of an experience other families had by reading the Crew Reviews. on Social Media:

Master Kitz The Starry Night { Reviews}
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