Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Butlers and Sports

Since my background was dominated with music and artsy type of activities, having athletic or sports-minded kids just didn't register as a possibility.  Low and behold J would turn out to be one of the most ball-loving kids I've ever met.  I'll be honest - the sports culture that many people find themselves in does not appeal to me.  Spending all weekend at the ball field 12 weeks in a row on top of practice and extra activities is too much.  It quickly becomes too much time away from family, too much priority away from spiritual things, and just too much for young minds.  I absolutely support a fit and active lifestyle and there does come an age where may be a place for competitive sports (for some kids), but for this family it is later rather than sooner.  

Having said all that, we have done several seasons of YMCA sports with some success.  Up to this point our kids have been 6 and under so the under emphasis on competition and overemphasis on playing with integrity and fairness has hit the sweet spot in my book.  Mr. Butler has coached several times and that has been a great experience for him and the kids!  With one practice and one game a week, we're able to not get overbooked too easily and enjoy the benefits of organized sports without too much drama or expectation.

As the kids get older, the possibility of higher competition may arise - especially with J's love of the (every) game - and we'll have to maneuver through that and honoring our other priorities too.  But for now, I'm so thankful for the opportunities to experience some of the benefits of sports without sacrificing too much of their childhood and other family priorities.

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