Saturday, February 22, 2014


Let temporary be your guide.  It sounds a little goofy and altogether unwise, but hear me out.  Nothing is permanent.  Not really.  So, instead of getting good and comfy with how things are OR throwing a fit when things aren't good and comfy, just don't.  They will change, this will pass, and soon a whole different palette of circumstances will be yours to face.  

Look at all you have and know it is temporary.  Love it, accept it, face it, because it'll be gone before you know it.  Miss Z's little half crawl half roll will quickly give into crawling and walking - likely before the month is gone.  J won't always give me a kiss anytime I ask.  Even the beautiful weather outside will fade and grow dark or cold or windy.  Do you hate where your life is right now?  If you do nothing about it, it's still temporary and will change soon.  Better or worse remains to be seen, but different for sure.

Let the simple truth of everything in our lives being - to some degree - temporary keep you steady and balanced.  Let it boost your appreciation for who is still here and feed your endurance for the pain that has yet to pass.

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