Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Looking for Love

Sometimes, whether single or married, we look to be loved by others, but grow frustrated and ultimately disappointed.  "Are we unloveable? What's wrong with me?" we ask.  And yes, married people are just as guilty of this as single - maybe more!

Consider this: Could we be loved and just not see it as love? Women and men define love differently.  Children are loved differently from family to family.  The other day my husband hadn't been very affectionate or wordy in regards to our relationship or his feelings for me.  One might say he's not loving me.  Oh, but did I mention that despite a mound of homework and reading needing his attention, he spent a large part of his time off digging a trench for a new garden all FOR ME?

It's often termed as love language.  Do you know your friends' and family's love language? Take some time to think about it.  You might be surprised at how much you really are loved once you get the language right!

Here's a handy resource for determining and accomodating a child's love language:
Not sure what your language is? Visit The 5 Love Languages and take their quiz to find out!
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