Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shootin' for the Moon

I've been accused of being too serious, not flexible enough and planning way more than doing.  
And it's true.  I forget to laugh at myself.  I hate plans that change.  
And the act of planning makes me giddy while the act of doing is exhausting.
But, today I'd like to share my defense.  There is a good reason why seriousness, commitment and planning are a regular part of my life and I pray always will be.  Have you ever heard the inspiration quote, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land in the stars"? It's cheesy, but this is the reason.  
I hate being rushed.  I wish life didn't require a strong work ethic.  I always, always run out of time.  I procrastinate.  I indulge in facebook, tv and eating too often.  I can talk myself out of doing all kinds of work.  I break things.  I lose things.  I disorganize things.  I forget things.  When left to my own devises, I can mess up anything.  And before you kind-hearted souls even start, I'm not looking for a "Oh no you don't dear" or a "You do so many good things, dear" because that's not helpful or the point.  Even serial killers have been known to be polite.
Planning, structuring and analyzing to perfection is beneficial in my life because it gets me somewhere.  It will never get me to an ideal or probably not even halfway, but it gets me further.  It helps me grow.  If you never approach your life seriously, if you never stick with what you plan and never make a plan to begin with, then you will sink farther into the quicksand of regression.  No growth, no improvement, and probably things will get worse.
As I am daily convicted of, balance is the key.  You can't plan everything.  You have to laugh and run in the sprinkler sometimes.  And, yes, somedays the plan has to go out the window and its your job to embrace spontaneity.  

But if you shoot for the moon, you just might land in the stars! 
I can't even type that without gagging, but you catch my drift. :) 

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