Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How 5:30 AM Changed My Life

I've always seemed to struggle with contradictions in my life.  That's probably why balance has become my mantra, of sorts.  One of the biggest issues for me has always been time management.  I have very high expectations (hopes) of accomplishing many things, but I just run out of time.  Adding one thing into my day can just upset the apple cart all together.  Since I'm always rushing, all I really long for is to just be still - Do nothing, think about whatever I want and just rest.  But when I do that, it usually makes me late (or later).

And I hate that.  I love to think of myself as this totally together person who is ready to help when the call comes as well as managing my household beautifully.   But exercising, showering and feeding everyone barely gets done before a deadline hits.  Intending to complete a project weeks before but actually finishing at the last minute - I just haven't got the real hang of things yet.  Until lately.

I have discovered (actually reminded myself of) what fixes everything like flipping a switch.  This morning I woke up about 30 minutes before Mr. Butler and an hour before J.  I walked into my office, wrote in my journal, prayed and wrote.  Then I go back into the bedroom where Mr. B is already up and in the shower.  I spend the next 20 minutes exercising.  When I'm finished I head to the kitchen just in time to share a few moments with Mr. B before he leaves for work.  As he leaves, J wakes up and the day continues.

I know you don't really care about all the details of my morning, but I'm just here to tell you that this general layout has changed my day completely.  Not only praying about my day, but taking some time to write down what I'm praying for helps me focus.  Plus, exercising first lifts a huge load for me and frees up some space in my brain that usually stresses a bit until its completed.  I know there will be/are some days when getting up early doesn't happen or can't happen, but I never want to go back!


Anonymous said...

You are awesome, Mrs. B!

Lori K.

Hannah Fancher said...

It's amazing how something like that can make such a difference! I've really been struggling with rising early lately. This inspires me to try again!

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