Thursday, February 2, 2012

Butler Sign Language

About a year ago I started seriously looking into using sign language with Jude.  Since then we have progressed, but this mom puts her fingers in many pies so you probably won't be all that impressed.  However, I would like to share how really useful it is and easy to pick up once you decide to.

The majority of signs that Jude knows and uses surrounds food.  In the last month or so he's really taken to whining more - a lot of it has to do with molars coming in, but still - and I've had to really work with him to not whine instantly when he wants something different.  But since he already knows a few signs -specifically more, all done and please - all I have to do is to remind him to tell me what he wants.  The whining stops and his hands start moving!

One of the handiest tools I've discovered in learning new signs is Signing Savvy.  It is an asl dictionary that you can access with a free membership.  There are paid options that look interesting, but they certainly aren't required to simply learn words.  With the free option you are allowed only 5 (I think) dictionary searches a day, but you can always browse the alphabetical index.  Plus, I've discovered that if I just google asl and whatever word I'm wanting to learn, signing savvy is usually one of the first hits and it will take me straight to it. Shortcut!

I'm not really proud of how much time I spent working on sign language with J over the last year, but I'm really excited to still be learning and using it now.  Hopefully if there is ever a baby Butler #2, J can help me keep up the signing.  Regardless of our limited strides, it's definitely been a blessing to utilize in our household.  So, if you've ever thought about trying it - DO IT!

Oh, and happy February!

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