Monday, January 30, 2012

Balance Check: Togetherness & Alone Time

If balance is the key (and I truly believe it is), then we need to dip our toes into both sides of the pool, so to speak.  And that is sometimes hard.  One aspect that is really important for me is time spent with others and alone time.

Alone Time

Whether you're introverted or extroverted, everyone needs time by themselves.  Prayer and Meditation happen best when you are alone.  Sometimes being alone is the only way you ever face your life as it is.  Being alone, for me anyway, helps me purge all of the mental garbage and focus energy on what's important.   I almost always get more done during the week when I'm alone.  Mr. Butler's days off are celebrated around here, but his presence usually puts a wrench into my productivity.  Most importantly in my life, alone time gives me a better attitude and a better perspective.  Even just time out from a fight - separating myself from the conflict calms and lowers the emotional fire.


Spending time with others is so good for so many reasons.  Do you struggle in your marriage?  Try spending some time with other couples.  Finding out that others struggle makes the load lighter.  Do you get lonely or depressed?  Just being around others enjoying themselves can rub off on you.  Sometimes we get to thinking that our -insert relationship or current condition- is the worst and have a big old pity party.  Sharing a meal with others can often show you that perhaps you aren't so bad off or your problem is common.  Being with others isn't just about what you can get from them either.  There's always someone who needs what you can offer.  It's just about looking for the opportunity.  And you'll find out that supporting and helping others feels so good.


If you spend all of your time at home, away from the world, away from other people, you miss out on perspective, encouragement and usually fun!   Being with others can help us not take ourselves so seriously and lean on one another.  But if we never take a day off, never spend some time with just your family and really just yourself, you're probably going to grow out of control.  You'll lose track of yourself, your goals and priorities.  And someday you'll wake up and say "How did I get hear?" and not have a clue.   Think of this week, this month as a seesaw.  Spend time alone, spend time with friends, spend some time with just your household, spend some time with those you can encourage. Repeat. :)

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