Thursday, April 7, 2011

Giggles in the Night

Can I gush a little bit? Thanks, I didn't think you'd mind.

Last night that little boy of mine made me and his dad giggle almost uncontrollably.  First of all,  he's got a grin that just makes your heart turn to goo, so there's that. But we had gotten home late from church so it was way past his bedtime and he was sleepy.  Momma to the rescue, we did all of the get ready for bed things and the rocking commenced.  I was just about to my limit, needing to eat and rest a bit, so I cut the rocking short, hopeful he would slide on in to sleep easily.

Well, as soon as I leave the room, he starts fussing, but I was done and I told Randy so.  I start taking care of me while dad, the relief pitcher, takes over.  I'm maybe a minute into a fabulous snack of yogurt and blueberries when my backup beckons with a smile in his voice.  I drag myself back into Jude's room where Randy can hardly control himself.  Jude is bound (swaddled) at his hands but working on getting them out the top with his feet wild and free at the bottom rocking and bouncing on his bed with a HUGE grin on his face.  The. cutest. thing. ever.  And, as we're both staring at him from above his crib with only the hall light on, its as if he knows how cute he is and just keeps kicking and bouncing, causing us to only giggle harder.  Sooo funny.

He must have been running on fumes and just amped up with goofiness because we wrapped him up nice and tight and just left him.  Within just a few minutes he was passed out.  Man I love him.

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Unknown said...

Very sweet story Amy:) Isn't it just amazing how indescribable the love for your child is...and doesn't it make God's love even more incredible on many levels?!!

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