Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Unstress Recipe

I'm reading a book by Dr. Kevin Leman, BONKERS: Why women get stressed out and what they can do about it.  Yes, I've been going a bit bonkers lately, but stress has always been a heartbeat away for me.  So, its probably something I need to read continually! Anyway, I thought I would share a "secret recipe" for dealing with the pressures of life.

1. Know your own limits
Are you a racehorse or a turtle? Develop a lifestyle that fits you and no one else.

2. Choose goals that are right for you and your life
Be sure they are your goals and not something that is forced on you by parents, teachers or other people.

3. Look out for yourself by looking out for others and earning their goodwill
By helping others you help yourself as you make your deposit in the other person's 'bank of goodwill'.

I struggle with all of this.  They seem to create a cycle that honors none of the above! I often know my limits but feel compelled to stretch them (ignoring #2) and then fall short of fulfilling #3.

May you be free of borrowed guilt and and unwarranted pressure today!

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