Sunday, March 18, 2018

Who Will Balance You?

I witnessed something just really petty and mean-spirited this weekend and left feeling disgusted about it.  As I tried to process it, all I could wonder is how a person could stoop so low and considering the circumstances not have moved on and grown up.  Do you ever just shake your head at people's unwillingness to even try to grow? Sometimes I catch myself excusing some people as if they were young and still learning.  I guess that's because I feel like I'm young and still learning, but I am 38.  Not old (unless you ask my kids), but certainly not young in the traditional sense anymore.  So a lot of my peers aren't that young either.  We're adults and some of us aren't acting like it.  

This is why balance is so important to me.  We are gravitational beings.  We WILL gravitate to one side or another.  The question is are there people and circumstances that will bring us back to center when we near the edge of extreme?  If you are a rule follower that struggles with having the right attitudes, do you have emotionally sensitive people in your life to help influence you for good?  If you are a passionate dreamer, do you have logical and financially wise people to keep you from ending up destitute?  Whatever your current state, do you have someone who is different than you that will give you a different perspective rather than just the friends who will agree with whatever you say?

I am a very strong-willed and difficult person to deal with sometimes.  It's true and a fact of (my husband's) life.  Can you believe that he makes me beautiful and kind?  His differences - although still strong-willed and difficult sometimes - complement me and draw out a better version of me.  And I do the same for him.  It is because we can be extreme opposites, but in our love for each other we are learning to appreciate the other side to everything which causes us both to land closer to the middle.

I pray that you never are so wrought with personal angst and drama that you despise someone who is young or weak.  It is usually here when we make foolish choices and start filling our hearts with regrets.  If/when it does happen, I pray that you will find someone who can balance you.  And in that balance may the Lord be glorified and His will be completed.

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