Thursday, February 22, 2018

Why We Homeschool: An Ongoing Conversation

In our modern age of technology and instant information, the ability of the average family to homeschool is far greater than ever before. Regardless of a parent's current educational level or skill, there are mountains of books, forums and webinars teaching everything you could ever think of. In most areas - especially any kind of metropolitan area - there are all kinds of co-ops, activities, and support groups to facilitate anything you might be lacking. Plus, if your area truly is lacking a group of some kind, that's probably a sign that you need to start one! So, when Mr. Butler and I started discussing homeschool verses any kind of public/private school the thought that we couldn't just never came up really. It was more of a did we think it was best or was it what we/I wanted to do.

When it came down to it, all of the reasons we might choose something other than homeschooling (like the extra work I would put in and a harder time with housework) just didn't compare to all of the reasons we would (We decide the what/when/how in everything they are learning, we spend more time together as a family, and they are being influenced largely the way we choose).   As we have gone along, I've discovered other reasons that I didn't expect.  J (7) and miss Z (4) learn from each other all the time, but as they get older I'm seeing their individual strengths come into play.  The other day J and I were talking about multiplication and he was trying to remember something I had told him.  He's very smart and passionate, but also gets demotivated when things are 'too hard'.  Z has a gift for memorization.  If she hears something once it usually sticks and comes out later when you least expect it.  On this day, she started rattling off things about multiplication and before I know it, they are having a relatively sane and productive discussion explaining multiplication to each other.  Regardless of their ages, they are learning from each other.  That is so important for their emotional development as well as academic. 

He spontaneously started quizzing her on animals the other day.

The older they get, the needs and challenges will most certainly change.  If we homeschool and why we homeschool may change as well.  That's what is so hard to explain sometimes is that this road is a very fluid one that will likely not look like anyone else's and that's a good thing! 

Let's Talk About Why We Homeschool{Homeschool Link UP}

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