Thursday, March 1, 2018

Tools for Growth

Our life is a round-robin affair of working to get money to get food to eat to have energy to work and it goes on and on.  Because of how mundane that concept sounds, it is so easy to fixate on our things or the right equipment or the right curriculum in my case sometimes.  From food to books to appliances, it is so easy to forget that all of this is intended to be a tool for something greater.  If nothing else, it is a tool for growth! Why does that matter? For me, I get stuck in mental and emotional quicksand over making a right choice or holding on to too much unnecessarily. 

In the homeschool world, it is a common occurrence to find yourself with a really expensive set of books that all your friends claim to be the best for this subject or that grade only to find out your kids hate it or it just doesn't work for your teaching style.  It is so tempting to force it to work because of how much money was invested in it!  But when you consider what it is - a TOOL for education, rather than the POINT of education - it is much easier to be reasonable about the situation.  Thank goodness for sale/swap sites and the internet where next time you'll know what questions to ask about the next curriculum need. 

In an even bigger picture, I'm learning that those horrible moments in your life, the darkest days that are full of struggle bring the most growth, hands down.  Those dark days were tools for growth and good when we keep Jesus on the throne and not throw in the towel.  Consider everything a tool for growth today and see if your attitude brightens up just a little!

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