Sunday, February 26, 2017

Less Fighting, More Understanding

Are you a fighter?  I mean, do you fight against things in your life a lot?  I sure can be.  Sometimes it is circumstances, but other times it's people and their nature or personality.  I especially fight with myself! I'm a big believer in change - anyone can grow and learn if they desire and seek after it.  While I believe that with all my heart, it has produced some negative reactions in my life and relationships.  I don't always just stop at supporting others' growth.  Often I become consumed with how they should be (if they are going to grow in this way) and can easily dismiss some of their natural tendencies.  As I get older and the fighting (most of which is in my head) gets tiring, I'm learning better ways to be, I guess.  

Mr. Butler loves browse and window shop.  Personally, I get overwhelmed at all the possibilities and need a task or a list to keep me focused.  Visiting Ross or Marshall's is a fun adventure for him because you just never know what you might find AND it's likely to be on sale.  I get about a quarter way through the store and I'm done - mentally tired and starting to feel punished.  Early on in our marriage, this was his idea of a fun date night activity after dinner.  This little fighter didn't appreciate, understand or have the patience for it for a long time.  Thankfully, love and time can certainly change us for the better.  Being able to understand how his personality lives for challenges and new things has helped me love him - not exactly more but certainly better.  I still don't love being thrown into a store with no purpose, but I do love how Mr. Butler brings adventure and novelty into my life. 

The other night we had a family date night of sorts, mostly just to get us out of the house and despite some aimless wandering, we all had a good time! 

She is mildly disappointed in getting a new brother rather than a sister, but I think we'll do just fine being the only girls!

Trying out new furniture.

Mr. Butler found his preferred diaper bag for the new kiddo!

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