Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Purpose for Living on Purpose

I love this quote and picture so much that I have it hanging in my entry way.  Living on purpose is a concept I've thought about and tried to accomplish in a lot of areas of my life (failing a whole lot, but still trying).  So, I'm familiar with it, but sometimes you need a refresher as to why.  Why would 'living on purpose' be important or even any different than what most people do.  We all make choices, right?  Aren't they on purpose?

I can't speak for the world, but as far as my life goes, my temporary desires rarely achieve my long-term goals.  What feels good right now often brings regret later. Another way to say it is always feeling good now isn't going to make me feel good later, contrary to popular thought.

It feels good to sit my son in front of the tv every time I want to get something done.  But that practice won't produce a man who engages the world around him, works through difficulties and who learned from his mom's daily life, rather than being sent in the other room all the time.

It feels oh so good to eat delicious cookies or flavor of the day ice cream at every snack and sometimes for breakfast! But that practice will not produce a self-diciplined, energized woman at a healthy weight.

Eating out every night or buying new stuff every day feels awesome! No cooking and new new new!  But it will not produce adequate college funds for my children or the financial ability to give where the need arises.

And we all know that any one of those examples isn't bad, certainly not every now and again.  But the practice of such - daily, regularly, more often than not - doesn't give us what we really want.

It's our habits that build or break us.  And, I don't know about you, but I have to pick myself back up regularly.  Purposeful, disciplined choices are HARD!  But, the payoff is worth every struggling moment.  Living on purpose transitions us from being 'victims' in our life events to orchestrator.  Consider where you really want to be.  If this is it - share how you've gotten here!  If not, let's start a conversation about how we can really be the people we wish.

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