Friday, July 20, 2012

ABCs & Me

Sometimes people disagree about public vs homeschool, but as a parent, no matter what direction you go, you will still be teaching and guiding your child.  It's an awesome privilidge that can grow into a burden if we let it.  So, it's always nice to find something that is truly a helper and not just an occupier.  I try to limit the amount of screen time we get around our house, but I recently found something I love recommending to those with toddlers.  A good friend shared with me a great app, ABCs & Me for iPhone, iTouch and iPad "aimed at teaching small children skills they need for kindergarten."

ABCs & Me by 5pumpkins is essentially 6 fun flashcard sets (Letters, Numbers, On the Go, Colors, Shapes & Food) in English and Chinese.  I would LOVE a Spanish version, if anyone knows of one.  Each card can be clicked on to hear a corresponding audio, which my son loves! It's a great teaching tool and a great supplement when you need to focus on something else.

Do you have any really useful apps that help your children learn?  I'd love for you to share them!

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