Monday, July 18, 2011

The Biggest Hurdle Ever!

There are times in our lives when you get stuck.  You feel overwhelmed by a task, a problem, a circumstance.  Everyone around you can be singing praises and encouragement, but they might as well be sticking their tongue out at you, as far as you're concerned.  And then in comes a few 'conquering heroes' that seem to have all of their 'stuff' together and just the sight of them makes you want to vomit.  Sure, that's not the right attitude to have.  And yet, all the frustration, envy and self-loathing just comes bubbling up like a geyser.  And then sometimes, this is the case for weeks, months (maybe even years?).

Talk about story of my life.  I am easily discouraged.  I can have amazing highs and even higher intentions, but one wrong look and I'm ready to say "Forget it!" and go sulk.  It's not pretty to watch, but it's what I know.  Thankfully, I married a guy who doesn't really understand the concept of giving up.  The engineer simply says, "Ok. It has to work somehow. Let's find out the way."  I'll have been married to my complete opposite for 5 years in September.  It's finally starting to sink in that my worst enemy is me.  He's been saying it forever, but I guess having a baby and all of that has done a number on me (in a good way).

So, I'm a believer now!  Our biggest failings are truly our own fault.  The world does what the world is going to do and very little can we actually change.  But, from start to finish we have control of ourselves and too often we put our fingers in our ears while screaming "It's everyone else's fault!! I can't change until everyone else stops what they are doing!!!"  And you and I both know that NEVER works.  From the personal (weight-loss, emotional security, time management) to the familial (parenting, marriage, friendships) to the professional (promotions, projects, mediations).  Expecting everything to go your way and then throwing in the towel completely when it doesn't will not miraculously change your life.  Let me repeat: Expecting everything and everyone to agree with you, do what you want, and then quitting in an ugly pout when that doesn't happen, NEVER makes things better.

For a long time, my actions really believed that the proverbial "holding your breath til you get your way" really worked.  Yeah, it doesn't.  Getting up and trying again, in a different way or asking for help or any number of problem solving techniques - now THAT leads to growth, change and eventual SUCCESS!
So, today - don't be ugly, don't be spiteful or rude.  Just get up, try it all again and think about how YOU can be part of the solution.

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