Monday, January 24, 2011


Today I am very thankful for being a part of something.  Because our lives are so different, its natural to think of yourself separate from others.  Several of the ladies at our congregation have gotten together and decided to live healthier lives while supporting each other at the same time. Some are trying to lose weight, but overall we're just trying to make healthier decisions for our families. Now let me tell you how much easier things are when you know you're not the only one!

Making changes of any kind in your life is a very personal and vulnerable thing.  Being able to share the struggle with someone else, I think, is invaluable.  And one of the best ways to foster a community willing to do that is to be open yourself.  When you're honest with those around you about what is actually happening in your life, it puts others at ease about their own.  Before you know it, you are sharing each other's burdens!

If there are things in your life that are significant (goals, burdens, struggles), find someone to share them with.  Of course not everyone is safe or suitable, but find those you're comfortable with.  Doing things together increases your likelihood of success!

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