Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get Out of That Box!

For a while now, long before I even got pregnant, I have mentioned to Randy how much I would love to take a ballroom dance class.  He's definitely one to try new things so getting him to agree was never a problem, it was finding the time and money.  For christmas this year, he enrolled us in a class at the community college here in their Continuing Education department.  With everything surrounding Jude, I hadn't really had a chance to get that excited about it, but low and behold, last night was our first class.

Now, for the record, it was nothing fancy.  When I think of a dance class, I picture scenes from the movie "Shall We Dance?" The college purchased an old elementary school for the CE dept. and our class was held in the old gym. Since it used to be an elementary school, parking is limited and we had to park almost in someone's yard!  There was supposed to be 5 people in the class and we were the only ones that showed up! It was definitely an adventure.

But, that was the most fun I have had in so long! Since it was just Randy and I, we got complete attention from the teacher and no one else to watch us goof up.  Neither of us had any experience so we were learning together baby free.  And talk about a workout!! It was probably 50 minutes straight of movement.  Most of which, I was walking backwards! I think its going to be the perfect thing to do for our relationship, my weight loss and stress release!

Last night's adventures just reinforces to me the idea that learning new things is so important for mental health.  Learning can be hard.  That's why most people drag their feet or avoid doing new things altogether.  But its proven to be good for you, keep you young and all that.  And when you relax and not take yourself so serious, it can truly be a blessing!  What new thing have you either wanted to or been given the opportunity to learn, but you've said no out of fear or hesitation?  From a couple of left-footed goofballs, get out of that box! It's fun! :)

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Eva said...

aw, how wonderful. i would love to take dance classes with my hubby. when we were dating, he wanted me to take some with him, but at the time i was too shy (afraid to make a fool of myself), but now i'm ready!


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