Friday, October 8, 2010

Caring Too Much

I don't know about you, but I've said the words, "I know, I care too much about (insert personal flaw, like what I look like, money, clothes, etc.)" only to inwardly rationalize it away and never think of it again.  We all, I think, could have a laundry list of things that we easily get caught up in that, if we were honest with ourselves, isn't glorifying to God much less healthy to ourselves.

The majority of things aren't wrong to ever consider or do something about, but we just can't seem to leave it at that can we? Our considerations turn into obsessions or worrying escapades and before long the rest of our life only gets a fraction of attention. We all appreciate it when you look nice when you leave your house, but if how you look dominates more time than the needs of people around you or the health of your soul, its probably not something to brag about!

Here are a few things that I care too much about:
Being rejected
The age and quality of my kitchen floor
Being right
Being vulnerable
Just to name a few... :)

This weekend, think about something you care too much about and instead of just acknowledging it and leaving it where it is, try to care a little bit less. Replace it with a prayer for someone who needs it or a task you've been putting off. Growing rarely comes by leaps and bounds but by conscious decisions and tiny thoughts at a time.  Have a wonderful weekend!

35 Weeks

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Laura said...

Agreed...and I love this picture...and you.

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