Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Changing Seasons

I went on a walk with the dogs this morning and was so thankful for the cool weather! So much so that I thanked God that the weather didn't stay the same all the time. And then it struck me how resistant to change we can be in our lives, all the while ignoring its natural, God-designed place in the world.  Everything has stages of growth, death, rebirth and change.  The natural world, weather, communities, families, relationships, physical bodies, personalities and hearts alike have, are and will go through shifts, growths and changes.  To stubbornly sit and demand that our circle is perfect and should never change or get better is naive and harmful.

There is beauty and benefit mixed with struggle and suffering in each season and change.  Whenever I can embrace that truth, the journey is a lot more joyful.  You'll never be here again so have a wonderful day!

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