Friday, March 5, 2010

Keep Me Where The Light Is

It is Friday and a beautiful morning already! I've never been so happy to see hints of spring! I also have a spring in my step because Randy and I have the pleasure of seeing John Mayer tonight! I know some might snarl at any of his indiscretions, but the good that I have witnessed in his music writing, personality on stage and blues guitar skills has produced a genuine fan in Randy and I.  Can. not. wait!  If you're unfamiliar with him and at all curious, here are a couple of videos, though they alone don't do him justice.

This is one of my favorites.

This one highlights a little of his sweet guitar skills. :)

Anyway, as a ending to this week thinking heavily about my pride, I have a request.  I understand that you may decline and that's fine, but if you ever feel inclined, please go right ahead.  If you ever witness prideful words, attitudes, anything coming out of me, whether to you or to anyone else, would you bring it to my attention? Throughout this week I've experienced moments when I remained humble and silent and also moments when I vomited up prideful everything.  I really like and feel blessed by the humble moments.  I like how they impact my relationships with others and my attitude towards God. Therefore, #1 it is a worthy goal for me and #2 I suspect maintaining it will be much harder than I realize.  

Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

Any advice on maintaining humility and keeping pride out?


Olivia said...

I just wanted to publicly join your club on working on pride. I, too, have been noticing my pride lately. Self-exalted thoughts that just spring into my head unbidden. Comparing myself to others and wanting to be recognized as better than them at certain things. What concerns me most is that the gravity of how yucky this is hasn't really sunk in with me. So, I am praying that I will see the ugliness clearly. Thanks for posting about your struggles. I'm with you. :-)

Olivia said... far as things to help goes. What has helped me see my self-centeredness clearly and given me a vision of how I want to be has been thinking about Jesus. Just thinking of all the times he gave up what he wanted, choosing to think of others. How he was absolutely not into himself, but emptied himself completely for everyone else. I have so so so far to go....but the beauty of who he was challenges and motivates me.

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