Monday, January 21, 2008

How old am I?

As we were about to turn the light out, Randy asked me, "Why is it that time goes faster as you get older?" We agreed it was because everything grew to be the same. I remember the day of my wedding very vividly. They say you usually don't and I was determined not to forget it. But, for me I was so conscious that this day was different than all other days and would never happen again. I was so conscious that I couldn't sleep the night before and I never have real trouble sleeping. My run around my parents neighborhood at 5:30 am was the only thing that saved me. I'm not one for running in the dark, but I was getting married at 10:30 in the morning, so what can ya do?

Why does everything end up being the same? I guess because its easier. The American society - at least the general population - does not search for adventure and challenge. Well, other than on television, I guess. We look to streamline things, quicken the pace in order to get through the things we have to do so we will have time to do the things we want to. That's the theory, anyway. Usually, after we've done all that 'HAS' to be done, we're too tired to go out and do anything else. So, instead we sit at home, watch some tv, go to bed, and then wonder the next morning why we are so unfulfilled and bored. Makes me want to forget all the stuff that so-called 'has' to be done and start with the stuff that really matters to me.

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