Wednesday, December 9, 2020

We Want Mail!


When you're a kid, there is a lot of life that you don't notice much until things drastically change.  In some ways, that is the blessing of a healthy child, I guess.  As life changes, certain staples suddenly become centerpieces.  The wall-hanging below has become one of my favorite holiday decorations that I once barely noticed as a kid.  My paternal grandparents lived a couple of hours away so visiting them was often memorable.  Christmastime was often the pinnacle of visits with all kinds of holiday baking my Grandma had done, the house fully decorated, presents and of course seeing lots of family.  On their back door as you entered into the dining room and kitchen, this wall hanging for cards and letters always hung there.  Always.  I honestly don't think it was ever spoken of or the focus of any situation I was ever a part of.  Never.  Now that my grandparents are gone, this random decoration is a time-warp for my heart and a beautiful tradition for my children.

With so much uncertainty, I'm searching for ways to fill up hearts anyway.  If you're sending out cards this month, we would LOVE to receive one from you.  Send me a message on social media and I'll send you our address.  Include your address if you'd like to receive something from us as well.  

I miss so many things about the years spent at my grandparents house, but certainly this year has made me think about all the years they saw of struggles and burdens.  This is not the first time the world has become a place none of us recognize and seeing this piece of my grandmother is such a funny comfort to me.  If our parents and grandparents before us can weather wars and depressions, we can find a way to walk through the smoke here.  So, help me life a spirit or two with some holiday mail!

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