Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Time4Learning: An Online Curriculum Review

As a parent and educator, I have always preferred to limit the amount of online learning my students do, while incorporating a small amount into their curriculum as a supplement.  Being a part of the Homeschool Review Crew has made trying out different programs possible and I'm so grateful to still get that opportunity today. Now that everyone is required to do some version of homeschool as a social distancing measure for the foreseeable future, it seems even more relevant than normal to explore online learning products too!  Today I am reviewing Time4Learning, an online PreK-12 curriculum.

What We Received:
We received access to Time4Learning for one student, which we used for my 6 1/2 year old daughter who is in the 1st grade. Access included all of the subjects seen below (except for Time4Languages) plus a whole host of games! 

How It Works:

This online program allows for as much or as little parental control as you prefer.   From first log-in, my daughter could immediately start exploring and trying out lessons.  Each lesson typically included 1-3 learning videos, printable resources and then a quiz at the end that is scored and recorded.  The Science4Us includes a fun interactive platform and Social Studies, while it's for 2nd and 3rd grade was still accessible when we wanted it.  All lessons included in the selected grade are listed, allowing the student to skip around and going in any order deemed appropriate.  Under the Time4Fun heading, there is a Game Room with access to Brain Games, Action Games, Typing Games, Create/Share, and Logic Games.  The  automatic setting requires the student to participate in learning activities for at least 15 minutes per day before they can access the games.  At first we thought the only games were in the math fact area, but then after some exploring we discovered typing games, art activities and just tons of learning games!  It definitely kept my daughter engaged.

Through the parent log-in several settings are adjustable like grade level and the learning timer.  In this section you can track your student's progress and develop any type of learning plan you choose.  This program allows for multiple students and here you can manage all of them in one spot.  If you were to use this program at the beginning of a school year and desired to plan out the entire year, it would be possible with this program. 

What We Thought:

Since we only had a short time with this program and my daughter was already involved in other curriculum, use of this program was purely supplemental.  I encouraged her to try out things from each subject and play the games she could.  Since she is well into 1st grade, but not ready for 2nd it took a little trial and error to find the subjects that weren't too easy or beyond her.  Once we narrowed it down, she never complained and always enjoyed the videos and activities.  A few times she would get confused on how to end a lesson and end up playing it again.  That frustrated her, but we figured it out.  The games were great for her and of course she begged to play them often.

As I mentioned earlier, I believe in a lot of hands-on learning that limits computer time, but with that being said, Time4Learning is doing some great things! With the printable resources, extensive lesson planning options and engaging games, this program could fill just about any homeschool needs.  

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