Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Fighting Satan Right Into 2020

We have a New Year's tradition tradition in our family that predates my birth by many years.  We gather for a series of gospel meetings and on New Year's Eve, sing songs from memory up until midnight where we pray the new year in.  There are some years where there might be up to a 1000 people attend.  Just imagine a 1000 member choir singing your favorite hymn!  There is truly nothing like it.  Sadly, tonight I'm not there and instead home with one sick kid and another really-exhausted-and-no-good-to-anybody-this-tired toddler.  I was really heartbroken when I realized we needed to stay home, but as the night has progressed, I've been working really hard to battle against Satan's fiery darts.  What better to do when everyone else is in bed than to write about it?

In 2019, some really amazing things have happened in our family.  I recovered a good part of my brain again after Rory's pregnancy and first months drained me of it.  A was given the gift of friendship in a couple of very significant ways - something that I had been praying for for a long time.  Randy has made personal growth such a priority for him that our marriage and little family has healed and flourished so richly this year. All of this together has healed some deep wounds in me personally and facilitated a level of peace and contentment I have never known before.  I prayed one Sunday morning that I might sanctify my family through my relationship with them and through so many turn of events God has answered that prayer and so many others this year.

Even as I sit listening to the beautiful singing across town through the magic of technology, I am so sad and cycling through sobs at not being able to be there in person, but I know that God has been glorified this year.  What better reason for Satan to try to discourage me?  God has prevailed in all the ways Satan has attacked before, it's not a surprise that he would put this kind of roadblock in my way.  Much like the secret of the cross that Satan didn't see coming, this blow only highlights the real victory.

I don't know what this next year will bring, but I'm sure Satan will try to use it to fight against the Lord.  What I do know is that prayers are answered.  Sometimes quickly, sometimes oh so painfully slow.  But if we sincerely ask, the blessings will come - in the most unusual ways and places. 

I pray you have a beautiful start to this brand new year and if you need a safe space to talk, I'm happy to listen!


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