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USA Activity Bundle Pack: A Crafty Classroom Review

The last two years we have studied American History in our homeschool and taken a tour of the 50 states through our primary curriculum. As we're finishing up, I'm getting a little sad,  just because it's so comfortable and familiar! Today's review is a perfect compliment to any US History study or a fun supplement when you need a change of pace.  Crafty Classroom, a super fun company we have reviewed before here, has shared with us their USA Activity Bundle Pack that includes three separate downloadable packs - USA State Birds Realistic Art Cards, USA State By State Activity Notebook, and USA State by State 50 Mazes.  

What We Received:

The USA Activity Bundle Pack includes three digital files that are intended to be printed out for use.  With great colorful graphics, each file is suited for printing and binding as a workbook.  Printing pages as needed is an easy option too.

The USA State Birds Realistic Art Cards is 30 pages of birds in color and black/white, designed to be colored by the student with blank lines for notes or handwriting practice using their names.  For each bird, the page is designed to cut out portions for collectible cards or to be used in some other craft.  If printed on card stock, a collection of cards could be kept for quite a while.  As some of the states share a state bird, each bird includes the appropriate states on the page.

USA State By State Activity Notebook includes a page for each state that contains the state flag, bird, and flower with spaces to label each, outline of the state for rivers, mountains, lakes and the capital to be written in, map of all 50 states for purpose of highlighting the selected state, and two lines for facts and notes to be written.  As you see below, the entire page is black and white for the purpose of coloring everything.

Also included in the Activity Notebook are two games, USA Bingo and Roll Across America that are great for learning/practicing identifying the state shapes and state capitals.

Finally, the USA State by State 50 Mazes contains a maze in the shape of all 50 states!  The lines are somewhat small and close together so it was enough of a challenge for my kids to keep them interested.

What We Thought:
Since we have already been talking about states, this fit right in and everyone welcomed the added activities.  My kids are currently 6 and 8 and well suited for all of these activities.  I do believe that older students, except for the mazes (not sure when kids get 'too old' for that), would be able to utilize these activities as well.  Colored pencil bird art cards could be a great art project.  The activity notebook could easily be used as a quiz, testing out their memory of capitals and state facts.  And of course, the games can be a fun way to learn your capitals and states!

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As you can see, The Crafty Classroom offers a lot of digital bundles and the Crew tried out quite a few.  If you would like to see what some of these other packs look like, click on the picture below to read the rest of the Crew reviews.
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