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The Crafty Classroom: A Preschool Curriculum Review

Crafty Classroom

Watch out world, we have a 4 year old in the house and she's chasing down her big brother in almost every avenue!  A classic example is her insatiable desire to "do school" along with her brother.  With J, I attempted to plan out a lot so I wouldn't miss anything in his journey to reading.  Miss Z hasn't had the road paved the same way (because boy does life get busy!), but it hasn't seemed to matter.  She began practicing A, Z and Y all on her own and before I knew it she was recognizing most of the alphabet.  My latest review the Alphabet Curriculum Notebook from The Crafty Classroom that has been a great resource for her as she fills in the blanks in her alphabet skills.
Alphabet Curriculum Notebook

The Alphabet Curriculum Notebook is designed to be a 26-week Curriculum printed out and bound or placed in a binder for Preschool age kids.  As is many preschools' custom, a Letter of the Week approach is used.  Each letter has 25 pages worth of activities, worksheets, charts, puzzles, coloring pages, and math explorations.  When you include the planning suggestions, assembly instructions and games, there are 
over 650 pages of downloadable pages for teaching the alphabet.  Considering you are able to use it multiple times, that's a pretty substantial deal for only $15. 

Since we didn't have 26 weeks to try out the entire program, we decided to skip around and focus on some of the letters she hasn't gotten down yet.  A lot of downloadable worksheets has one kind of activity for each letter and that is it.  We loved all the different ways to engage with each letter!  There were so many different things to choose from that even J begged me to print him out a few sheets.  They both especially liked the coloring and cutting pages.  I liked the handwriting practice pages because there were 32 different places to practice the upper case letter and 32 more places to practice the lower case!  I know the kids sometimes get tired of it, but the repetition is so helpful for their mastery.

Crafty Classroom

As described above, this Notebook can certainly be used as a preschool curriculum, but I'm even more excited about its supplementary uses.  Already having this in my files makes for a great go to when I'm needing something for extra practice for certain letters or just a fun color/activity sheet.  This has turned out to be a great product and I'll be looking forward to trying some of their many other products.

The Crafty Classroom is a homeschooling family with four kids who offers a wide variety of printable materials for your homeschooling needs.  The Homeschool Review Crew reviewed various PDF products for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary grades so if this Alphabet Notebook isn't something your family needs, check out the other reviews.

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