Thursday, March 2, 2017

My Brain on Pregnancy

Some people have nut or egg allergies.  Other people have sensitive stomachs or injury prone.  My weakness is my brain.  If I'm sick or worn down in any way, my body's first response is for my brain to stop working.  That could mean I forget words or have a difficult time communicating.  If things aren't rectified within a reasonable time, I start thinking irrationally and becoming upset or worried about all the things.  I can be quite a case, let me tell you.  And this is my body on normal.

I am 35 weeks pregnant (where everything has been a lot different than my other two pregnancies) at 37 years old with two children, where I homeschool them, teach a little piano, maintain a blog where I review products and have to maintain a household.  My body is certainly not on normal and my brain suffers regularly.  I have many of the silly yet common symptoms like breaking things or misplacing things.  A few weeks ago I had some yogurt (out of a larger container) and when one of the kids asked for the same snack a little while later, for the life of me I could not find it anywhere in the fridge.  Of course, I found it in the cabinet above the stove where the honey is supposed to go.  

Then there have been incidents (yes, multiple) where I sit in the passenger seat longer than a sane person should before I realized that I was supposed to be the one driving.  Being the only adult should have been my first clue, but sadly it took my children reminding me.  

This week, I've just been an emotional mess with severe mood swings, multiple meltdowns and feelings of punishment though it really isn't the case.  Still, this morning I just about lost it completely when I had to be the adult when one of my dog's found herself in a 'situation.'  Having been a dog owner for almost 10 years, I've learned the typical symptoms and useful treatments for their various ailments.  I know that when my dog starts chewing things up or digging in the trashcan while we're gone, she usually has some kind of parasite in her system which calls for a great herbal combination called Herbal Pumpkin from NSP.  Such was the case yesterday and I had been administering it appropriately.   After her dose this morning, she had been acting better.  

So, while completely disgusting, it wasn't entirely surprising to see that she had eaten a diaper and it had made it's way through her system.  How did I know this, you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  She came in from outside with an extra 'tail' of said diaper that was still attached to her with some floss she no doubt acquired during her dumpster diving,  Yes, still attached meaning connected to the exit on her body from whence it came.  Seriously, where is the Punk'd crew or the sign confirming that I should absolutely QUIT today?

So, since this isn't the first time my dog has been caught eating floss, I already knew that there could be a slight danger to her if it doesn't move through appropriately (yep, google it).  As quickly as she pranced into the house with her lovely trail, I gasped and sent her back outside.  With my make-shift plastic gloves (to ziploc sandwich bags), I begged the Lord for mercy and prepared for surgery.  In a most ridiculous manner with scrunched face, held breath and stiff shoulders, I pulled on the floss, fervently praying to God it wasn't somehow tied around an organ and about to shorten sweet Grace's life.  Think I'm kidding? Go ahead and google it.

Ick doesn't begin to describe it.  Praise God, everything was detached very quickly with no negative consequence and I refrained from throwing up.  Because, let's face it.  That wasn't a "it's so gross when you're pregnant" kind of thing.  That was an "all the time, no matter who you are you never want to experience that" gross kind of thing.  

Yeah, needless to say, my brain is about fried.  They say writing helps.  I'll let you know. :)

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