Friday, February 26, 2016

Creativity Counts

There are a lot of unnecessary things in this world, including some toys, that any child could live their entire life without and be just fine.  Collecting things for things sake just isn't worthwhile.  And when you have kids, before you know it you have collected an army of things.  So raising little consumers is not on my list of to dos.  Our culture is doing a perfectly fine job already.  I am, however, in great support of creativity and imagination play.

As the picture suggests, my children are unnecessarily blessed by loving family members who will buy them things and these particular presents were met with much enthusiasm! After a long day of play away from home, they came back and seemed to be set on (creative) fire by these role play sets (a pilot and a chef).  They have since jumped into a  pretend play roller coaster full of ideas.

Buying something new in the name of creativity isn't necessary either, but when we do have the opportunities to purchase things, I say creativity counts.  Especially when well-meaning friends and grandparents are going to spend money anyway, items that encourage pretend play and imagination building are more worth the money than some options out there.

I might be a little hypocritical in this next statement, seeing as I haven't actually partaken in much creativity myself lately, but it's on my list.  Those coloring books for adults that is the latest trend in stress relief are something that I say is worth some money, at least.  Some people are blessed with really creative jobs.  Others haven't done a creative thing in several years.  Of course, being creative can look like a lot of different things, but the point is that we are missing it a lot as adults.  Telling someone you spent an hour coloring last night or doing a new dot-to-dot book probably sounds embarrassing or lazy, but we need creative outlets because we are creative beings.  Find yours and don't squelch your child's either!  Creativity sparks a better way of living.

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