Friday, February 19, 2016

A Fun Night Out

One of my favorite qualities of Mr. Butler is his love of learning and new experiences.  Sometimes it drives me crazy when we're on vacation and I just want a normal, familiar place to eat, but for the most part he has widened my experience of the world in great ways like no one else has!  For my birthday, Mr. Butler bought mid-season tickets to our local Jewel Box Theatre and it was just as much a present to him as it was me.  Our first show, 'As Long As We Both Shall Live' was a couple of weekends ago and we had fun night out and so of course we had a built in date night.  The tickets were inexpensive as theater goes and Iron Star Urban BBQ was right around the corner, so we had to try it out.  

Dinner was yummy, the show was a lot of fun and the actors were quite impressive.  They all did a great job, but I have to especially make note of Alex Prather who played 4 different characters and did so with much hilarity.  The theater is a circle and not a bad seat in the house.  We had a lot of fun just being married for an evening.

Whenever I hear about men and women who just don't do right by their spouses, from all out cheating and abandonment to simply living a self-focused, unappreciative life next to a mate, it just convicts me further how careful and particular we should be when dating - and I'm thinking about my kids now.  A good mate is worth eternally more than we can know at the time.  But even more importantly, even when we BOTH start out as less than stellar mates, God can heal and beautify even the ugliest of circumstances.  

I guess my point in this is that dating - especially after marriage and kids - can be really fun and very important!  It's necessary for Mr. Butler and I to stay on a healthy path in our marriage, but just as important, our children need to see good examples of dating and marriage for their own futures.  In any relationship (romantic or otherwise), feeding it and showing it new experiences is mandatory for healthy growth.  So, what new experience have you tried lately?

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