Thursday, September 18, 2014

8 years ago this week, Mr. Butler and I were in the middle of our honeymoon in Flagstaff, AZ.  There's a lot I wish I'd known back then, but there's probably even more I did know and didn't pay attention to.  Growing is hard and life can become sticky before you realize it.  But that week we started something really beautiful and I'm so happy we did!

This picture is a really great representation of what it was like for me 'searching' for my future husband.  Whether intentionally or not, I had this outlined picture of him - his characteristics, his way - and so I had the idea, but never could exactly make out his face for sure.  When I finally did, it was such a surprise - a fantastic, perfect surprise.

8 years isn't a big milestone and (though I can't speak for Randy) we're not exactly swooning every other heartbeat for one another, the quietness of this year speaks volumes enough though.  Neither of us are finished growing and unless the Lord comes back quickly we'll have plenty more transitions to go through.  We can fight like little kids (and we do sometimes), but we're also still here dreaming about the days ahead.  Something in my fb newsfeed today said 20% of marriages end within 5 years and 32% within 10 years.  Marriage is a delicate animal that is easily swayed in one direction or another.  But when both are swaying it in the same general direction over time, it grows stronger than ever thought possible.

This guy is the goofiest, most intelligent person I know.  I desperately need him, but I think most days he'd agree  I can fill in all those gaps in his nature too, just like peanut butter! 

God knew that I would put up such a fight with anything that I didn't agree with right away.  I'm so thankful that He also knew the strength Randy possessed that would set me right a gazillion times over and protect our family from my foolishness so many times.  One thing we certainly got right was finding someone who could provide what we needed rather than just what we liked.  

With busy schedules, frantic hearts and a mile long prayer list, tender moments can get drowned out.  I'm so thankful God designed marriage for us to refocus on the tenderness of life, especially when the world gets loud.  

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