Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finding Balance Through Simplicity

Balance is what I'm always striving for, but sometimes there's so much going on, so many priorities, so many to do's that I don't even know what balance is supposed to look like anymore.  For me, when I reflect on where to go next and feel pulled in a dozen directions, that is a sign that I need to simplify somehow.  Here are a few ways that we can seek balance through simplifying today.

-Just because I live in an American society doesn't mean I have to have, get or do more. Not today anyway.  Today, be content with what you have.  And think of how you would live if you lost it.

-Sometimes we glorify the exciting, the rarity, the extra special things.  Today, put that excitement and enjoyment into an every day task, as though it were a royal celebration.  My attitude towards my day is all in my perspective of it.

-We all like to multi-task, especially when it gets more done quicker, but sometimes that heavily decreases the quality and intrinsic value of the task.  Today, do one task at a time.  Take out the television or ipod as a friendly distraction.  Stop typing when you're having a conversation.  Give undivided attention or don't give attention at all.  Try it and see what's different.

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