Thursday, March 29, 2012

Try Again

Giving up, before even really trying, has been a trademark of mine since I was young.  My strong-will demands perfection in the important things (to me anyway) and as soon as it looks like work or not perfection for the get-go, well, I'm out.  I know that's why I was never successful losing weight (the 5-10 lbs) when I wanted to.  I just never really gave it a chance to work before giving up.

I have about 10 more pounds to lose before I reach pre-pregnancy weight and wouldn't mind if I knocked off another 5-10 while I was at it.  The fact that I've lost over 35 pounds is so exciting to me, but overwhelming at the same time.  It just seems like something that should've been too hard for me.  How could I actually do that?  I know a lot of people who desire to achieve things - things like weight-loss, improving certain skills, have better relationships, get better jobs - but day after day, year after year, nothing really changes much.  If you're happy and content with your circumstances, then I am not talking about you.  But to those of us who complain (even if its just to ourselves every night) about how we wish life was and then never try or never try AGAIN, well shame on us.

It took me 30+ years to figure out how to accomplish something really difficult.  We have little to be proud of when things come easy.  When things are really hard, that's when we should be impressed by you.  Do you know the secret to succeeding at something really challenging?  It's a real game changer - let me tell you.  Try again.  No, that's the secret.  Just try again.  Keep trying.  Make those little decisions AGAIN.  Whether it has to do with making a better eating choice, a better word choice with your spouse or a better use of the next 5 minutes, just try again.  It's never going to flow out like honey or happen while you're asleep.  So, just try again.  And after the next 50 tries, look back and realize you're actually getting somewhere! 

I struggle all the time with these little decisions.  It IS easier to stay in bed.  It IS easier to shoot my mouth off with snide remark because HE DESERVES IT! It IS easier complain about my life than actually do something to change it.  At least that's the way it feels at first.  But once those little decisions start paying off, you'll find that it is more work to beat yourself up in discontentment than it is to just make a better choice today.

Let's all try again today, shall we?

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