Sunday, November 6, 2011

Be Thankful First!

Technically, with the time change, it's still Saturday so I'm going to count this!

In our little neck of the woods, we had a 5.6 (I think) earthquake tonight!  Scared me so much that I ran to J's room before I even knew what was happening.  When big stuff happens that sort of just shocks you and leaves you trembling, does that make you stop and say a prayer of thanksgiving?  Or, like me, does it shake your whole (emotional) world and stun you into fear?

Today's lesson I'm struggling with is taking the good, bad, ugly, uncomfortable, easy, hard, and downright terrifying and being thankful.  And not just thankful eventually, but thankful first!   What a great example to leave our children. 


The Adventurer said...

Thanks for following and I am following back:) It is always good to remember what you are thankful for, even the rotten stuff builds us up in same way we may not even realize it at the time.

Heidi said...

Learning to be thankful first is a good one, but a tough one. It is often hard to find the thankful in things. Thank you for the reminder and linking up with NOBH.

Kim said...

Great point. It is good to practice being thankful in all circumstances, as it certainly doesn't come naturally, unfortunately.

Sounds like you made it through without further incident. Blessings for that!

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