Friday, October 7, 2011

If You're Miserable, Then You're Doing It Wrong!

I was waiting just off stage, listening for my cue to enter.  In between lines and entrances, the two of us were sharing comments and mutterings.  What I didn't realize was that mine were communicating a lot about my state of mind and conflicts in my heart.  Perhaps I had criticized those in charge or complained about the show we were doing, I don't quite remember that much.  What I do remember is what she said next.  "If you hate it so much, why do you still do it?"  The truth was, I didn't really hate it, but I certainly wasn't enjoying it either.  Her question left me speechless but deeply reprimanded.

This was many years ago, but I remembered it the other day because I was arguing with myself on whether or not I was happy.  As a believer in God and the saving power of Jesus' death, if I'm miserable, then I'm doing it wrong.  With everything that comes with it (prayer, joy, hope, peace, salvation), I have every reason to be content and if I'm not, the fault is with me!  Complaining and commiserating is a huge part of our culture today.  So much so, that often we don't even realize how negative and miserable we sound to others.  

This beautiful fall weekend is a great opportunity to live a great life!  There's always something to complain about and get angry about.  Join me in reminding myself and others around us why God is so good!
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