Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Know The Reason

The other day the chorus to popular christian song, "Blessed Be Your Name" got stuck in my head, playing over and over.  And I started thinking about why is 'your name blessed'.  There are things that we do and say sometimes that we don't really understand the full meaning of, but we should.  As a kid, maybe I hear that song sung, but do I hear someone telling me why the Lord's name is blessed?

Today I thought I'd share just a few reasons why that song is true for me.

Every day I am blessed with an opportunity to start over fresh!

Just when I think things couldn't be worse, my eyes are opened to the lesson I'm being taught.

No matter what my mouth can find to complain about, it's all under either my control or God's. (So I need to either do something about it or leave it to God!)

Despite my many shameful regrets, He gives good gifts every day.  My most favorite of all, a growing boy that doesn't mind smiling!

The old adage that says to count your blessings is saying to do more than just count. Know the reasons life is good and praises need to be sung!

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