Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Schooling at Home

One thing I feel really strongly about, personally and professionally, is that every child is different and needs to be educated that way - at least to a point.  Teachers at school are limited by what they can feasibly do in a school day with X number of kids they are in charge of.  It really is an impossible task unless you have a classroom full of children with no learning issues. Ever.  So, whether you're inclined to homeschool or simply give your kids the extra help they need, most kids could use some schooling at home.

To be clear, I'm not prepared to have the homeschool argument.  I firmly believe that some parents should never homeschool.  I also believe that some children have no business being in the average public school.  I refer you to my previous statement of every child being different and should be treated as such! Now, moving along. :)

This is an area that I guarantee I'll be returning to many times, especially as Jude gets older.  For now, I would love to hear some tips or pointers about education at home.  There are several seasoned moms who have either 'helped' with volumes of homework and others who have housed an entire education!  If you could start all over with a child, what would you like to have known?  Yes, I'm completely selfish in this endeavor because I want to be extra-prepared for Jude. So sue me! :)

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Alicia Butler said...

We need more space and time to talk than this medium will allow... I am thankful you are already thinking about the education of Jude. Time will pass quickly and you will be dealing with this before you know it.

You are always welcome to come visit Butler Academy.

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