Friday, April 1, 2011

Don't Be Fooled - It's April!

The season transitions have been weird to me lately.  I'm sure they are always gradual, but it seemed like this past year the seasons never really were sure when to sit and stay a while.  Spring is no different, I guess.  However, it is April 1st and my hostas and rose of sharon bushes are announcing Spring boldly!  I've not much to say today except this:

God is good, especially when you trust Him - rely on Him to solve the days worries.  All relationships can be that way, I guess.  Marriage and friendship is a lot about faith.  There is no guarantee that everything and everyone will be just the way you desire.  In fact, we are guaranteed that it won't be most of the time.  But trusting others to love and to learn this time around - well, let's just say you might be surprised.  God is good and able to fill all the needs I could ever come up with!

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