Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some Inspiration

It is always fun to discover really cool things, like music or an awesome idea, but doesn't it make it just awesome when it originates with someone you actually know?  We can all ooh and aww over someone in the media spotlight, but its a little empty unless we actually have spoken to them before and they know your name.  Today, I'd like to share with you a few people who I think are awesome, who do some cool things and regularly inspire me.

Hannah Fancher does amazing things all the time that encourage me, inspire me and push me to be better.  She has 5 beautiful children and works regularly to improve herself and her family in so many ways.  I don't even have one child on the outside yet and I'm certain that she is working circles around me daily.  Perhaps I'm slightly biased because she's Randy's cousin, but I am thankful for the inspiration her and her family give me, all the way from California!

Alisha Hurt Photography is the brain child of none other than Alisha Hurt!  Even before we were formally introduced and I simply knew of her through friends, I've been such a fan of her work.  In some circles, photographers are a dime a dozen, getting pretty much the same thing every where you go.  This girl, however, has yet to disappoint.  She always has some creative and exciting take on all the work she accepts.  I love it, it always makes me smile and reminds me that its good to enjoy life.  She currently resides in California if you're interested in hiring her. Otherwise, her blog is continually bringing a bit of joy to the world!

Diane Hullet is a friend who can inspire me in multiple ways (the girl is so much fun to be around), but for this post I specifically am drawn to her sewing skills.  She might argue that she doesn't really know what she's doing and just plays around with stuff for her own benefit.  BUT, I have it on good authority that there are more than a few people walking around with clothing she has made or altered for them.  If she had a business or a blog, I would SO promote it.  What is most inspiring to me is that she may not 'know what she's doing' all the time, but she freely allows herself to experiment and learn.  That is something that a lot of us (or at least me) hinder in ourselves.  We accept that we don't know something and then somehow that turns into we never can or will!  The freedom to try, especially for Diane, turns into awesome creations and skills.

Isn't it great that the world is made up of so many DIFFERENT people. It gives us a lot of inspiration and room to grow!

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