Thursday, October 28, 2010

Family Traditions

One of the joys of my life has always been some of our family traditions.  Usually connected to holidays somehow, there are  times of year and particular milestones that dually bring about fond memories of the past and childlike excitement for future events.  Whether you 'celebrate' particular holidays or not, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Everything from birthdays to christmas and including that random thing your family always did/does even though you're not sure why.

Neighborhood walks with the dogs - a small pleasure

After getting married, Randy and I have had more than one conversation where we look at each other in disbelief, only to qualify it by saying, "It's not (enter a holiday or event) without (enter a specific tradition)! For example, I come from a large family.  Thanksgiving dinner rarely consists of less than 25 people at least and more towards the 50 range, depending on which side we're talking about.  It doesn't feel like Thanksgiving unless there's a little bit of commotion and random conversations going on in every corner.  As opposites attracting usually creates, Randy's Thanksgiving traditions consist of 10 people or less (at least in my short years with him), and a much slower pace throughout the day.

Showers of food, fun and gifts for the arrival of a new child
Why do I bring this up?  First of all, I think its fun to compare those things in life that just seem solid and automatic, as though there's no other way in the world to do it. As kids, don't we assume that about a lot of things?  Anyway, this is also on my mind because I'm about to start my own family with the addition of a baby Butler and that requires the melding of two childhoods and histories, traditions and all.  No matter what you choose to honor, celebrate or acknowledge as a parent, children grow up with traditions.  I have a strong desire to ensure my kids have really positive and meaningful traditions in their life and I'm looking for some really fun, yet uncommon ideas.  Of course, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, valentines, easter, etc. have been highlighted in our society, but there's a lot more to living and life than these, as we all know.  There are traditions for the start of a sport season, broken hearts, successes, anniversaries, etc.  Your family is unique and as such your traditions will be as well.  BUT, anybody have any fun/fond traditions that they either had as a kid or have started with your own?

Cedar Creek Camp - a lifetime tradition

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Tammy said...

I'll share one... We moved around a lot when I was growing up. The first day of school at a new school and sometimes just the first day of school was stressful for me. I had trouble sleeping the night before. My dad would sit by my bed and help me relax thinking of my favorite things... like blueberry pie!! I still do that when I'm stressed and trying to relax... blueberry pie, blueberry pie, ......

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