Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Comparing, Contentment & Giraffes

Happy October! If I wasn't convinced before that October is my absolute favorite month of the year, I am now.  LOVE this weather! Taking walks with the dogs is so much more pleasant and fulfilling lately.  Which brings to mind the endless struggle with contentment.  Whether its just a nasty habit of finding the negative in everything or constantly comparing my life to others around me, contentment seems like a life-long lesson that may never completely leave me. Despite that possibility, I'd really like some ideas on promoting a content spirit in my every day life.

After perusing in the internet, below are a few suggestions I found that I liked.

-Cut down on your tv/movie/magazine/media time.  A constant ream of impossible standards or fake lives is a sitting duck for satan to plant a seed of ingratitude.
-Cultivate your creativity - spend time creating (writing, painting, building, etc.) stimulates positive and fulfilling feelings that do wonders at counteracting restless emotions.
-Spend time outside - whether 10 minutes or an hour, it energizes the mind and can remind us of all that God has provided.
-Focus on the journey of things, instead of an expected outcome.  If we appreciate processes, our idealistic expectations tend to relax into joy for the experience.
-Stop complaining - just eliminating the negative words can push out the discontent

What helps you appreciate your life, weakness and misfortunes included? How do you pursue contentment?  Life is changing so much that its clear that circumstances cannot be relied upon for this, so how do we keep steady when the winds are constantly shifting around us?

Who doesn't marvel at the giraffe? Even though as a kid one tried to attack me with its tongue, I still can't argue at the unique coolness of a giraffe.  But if humans were giraffes, how many would despise their height and long for a solid coat instead of one with spots?

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